16th International Conference on Neurology and Neuromuscular Disorders (Neurology Conference 2024)


We cordially invite you to the 16th International Conference on Neurology and Neuromuscular Disorder (Neurology Conference 2024, which will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland on July 01-02, 2024. The conference features the most productive and dynamic discussions with leading experts in neurology and neuromuscular disorders. This conference will be a great platform for educators, young researchers, and altering ideas and creative treatment approaches.

The main goal of the Neurology Conference 2024 is to give training in diagnosing, treating, and managing brain disorders, neurological systems, and muscle function. Neurology and Neuromuscular Disorder Management will provide an excellent forum for the sharing of fresh ideas and research. It will be a two-day event that will entice visitors to invest in the field of nervous system and neuromuscular illness.

Theme: Advances in Neurotherapeutics and Disease modification.

Scientific Sessions

Track 1:Paediatric Neuromuscular disorder
Track 2:Neuropharmacology
Track 3:Nursing and Neuroscience
Track 4:Neuro Therapeutics, Diagnostics and Case Studies
Track 5:Neuromuscular respiratory
Track 6:Neuroradiology
Track 7:Brain Tumour and Neuro-oncology
Track 8:Neuroplasticity
Track 9:Neuropsychology and Neurorehabilitation
Track 10:Autoimmune Neuromuscular disorder
Track 11:Muscular Dystrophy
Track 12:Pediatric Neurology
Track 13:Neurological infections
Track 14:Spine and Spinal Disorders
Track 15:Psychiatry and Psychology
Track 16:Neurological diseases in COVID 19
Track 17:Neurological manifestation in covid-19
Track 18:Neurosurgery
Track 19:Neuromuscular Disorders
Track 20:Neurology
Track 21:Psychosomatic Disorders

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Opens31/12/2023
Abstract Submission Deadline31/03/2024
Abstract Submission Closes30/05/2024
Registration Opens01/01/2024
Registration Deadline31/05/2024
Registration Closes30/06/2024
Early bird registration29/02/2024
on spot registration30/06/2024
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