2nd International Summit on Environmental Science and eEnginering (ISESE2024)


Spectrum Conferences takes the pleasure and honor to invite all the participants from all over the world to attend the 2nd International Summit on Environmental Science and Engineering, which will be held in Edinburgh, UK from October 14-16, 2024 and which will include keynote presentations, oral talks, poster presentations and exhibitions. ISESE2024 provides a platform for researchers to connect, exchange ideas and establish new collaborations.

Participants from all over the world are invited to attend and share the latest developments and cutting-edge technologies in the areas of Environmental Science and Engineering.

Apart from the technical sessions, attendees can indulge in the rich cultural experiences and local cuisine of Edinburgh and its surrounding areas through guided tours of historic sites, cultural events and food tastings.

Scientific Sessions

Air Pollution and Treatment
Environmental Challenges and Developments
Environmental Protection and Risk Assessments
Environmental Safety Regulations
Environmental Sustainability and Development
Greenhouse Effect
Life Cycle Assessment and Global Warming
Urban Ecology and Climate Change
Waste-To-Energy Conversion
Renewable and Non-Renewable Energies
Waste Management and Treatment
Oceanography and Marine Biology
Ware Housing Solutions
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Food Engineering
Genetics and Human Genetics
Geographical Life Sciences and Urban Planning
Human Evolution and Social Change
Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment
Engineering Seismology
Ground Motion
Natural Resources Engineering
Nuclear Waste Treatment
Solar Geoengineering
Environmental chemistry
Pollution Prevention
Atmospheric Chemistry
Earth and Space Life Sciences
Environmental Engineering
Pharmaceutical Pollution
Nanotechnology Impact on Environment

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Opens02/11/2023
Abstract Submission Deadline31/07/2024
Abstract Submission Closes31/08/2024
Registration Opens04/04/2024
Registration Deadline30/09/2024
Registration Closes14/10/2024
Early bird registration16/04/2024
on spot registration14/10/2024
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