9th Edition of Global Conference on Plant Science and Molecular Biology (GPMB 2024)


Enthusiastic about the triumphs of our previous conferences, Magnus Group are thrilled to unveil the “9th Edition of Global Conference on Plant Science and Molecular Biology” (GPMB 2024), a Hybrid Event set to take place in Rome, Italy, and Virtually from September 16-18, 2024.

This year, we are proud to present the congress under the theme “Creating a Sustainable Vision with Progress in Plant Science.”

The hybrid format provides the flexibility for participants to engage either in person in the historic city of Rome or virtually from the comfort of their homes or workplaces. Plant Science Events is at the forefront of developing resilient crop varieties and enhancing crop protection. The theme underscores our commitment to advancing plant science Conferences for a sustainable future, recognizing its pivotal role in global health and environmental well-being.

Scientific Sessions

1. Plant Biotechnology
2. Plant Biology
3. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
4. Plant and Environment
5. Plant Biochemistry and Biosystems
6. Plant Molecular Biology
7. Agronomy and Agricultural Research
8. Plant Ecology and Taxonomy
9. Phytochemical Analysis
10. Microbiology and Phycology
11. Plant Sciences and Research
12. Plant Pathology and Mycology
13. Plant Nutrition and Soil Sciences
14. Bryology and Pteridology
15. Plant Anatomy and Morphology
16. Plant Science: Antibodies, Antigens and Antibiotics
17. Plant Metabolic Engineering
18. Plant Hormones
19. Plant Genetics and Genomics
20. Plant Tissue Culture
21. Plant Neurobiology
22. Sensing and Signalling in Plant Stress Response
23. Forest Science and Silviculture
24. Horticulture and Floriculture
25. Plants Entomology and Pest Management
26. Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Research
27. Plant Diseases

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Opens09/01/2024
Abstract Submission Deadline14/09/2024
Abstract Submission Closes14/01/2024
Registration Opens09/01/2024
Registration Deadline15/09/2024
Registration Closes15/09/2024
Early bird registration14/09/2024
on spot registration16/09/2024
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