Global Summit on Oil, Gas, Petroleum Science and Engineering


Global Summit on Oil, Gas, Petroleum Science and Engineering, which will be held at Barcelona, Spain during March 25-26, 2024. Petroleum Summit 2024 is hosted by Scholars Conferences.

Theme: “Frontiers in Oil, Gas, Petroleum Science and Engineering Research

Scientific Sessions

Geology & Exploration
Reservoir Characterization & Engineering
Drilling Operations
Pipeline Transportation and Storage
Coal Geology
Combustion Engines
Enhanced Oil Recovery
Unconventional Resources
Chemmotology Aspects
Green Energy
Environmental and Health Issues
Energy Supply and Economics
Chemical Applications in Producing Oil and Gas
Fuel Chemistry, Technology & Processing
Petroleum Geology
Renewable Energy & Feedstock
Filtration & Separation
Energy Materials
Processing Technologies
Petroleum Exploration & Field Management
Environmental & Pollution Issues
Case Studies
Bio-fuels and Bioenergy

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Opens30/07/2023
Abstract Submission Deadline25/09/2023
Abstract Submission Closes20/01/2024
Registration Opens05/04/2023
Registration Deadline25/03/2024
Registration Closes25/03/2024
Early bird registration31/07/2023
on spot registration25/03/2024
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