Global Annual Meet on Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery (GAMMCDD2025)


The Global Annual Meet on Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery (GAMMCDD2025) will be held in Rome, Italy during March 10-12, 2025. GAMMCDD2025 is the premier and dynamic global conference for both academia and industry sectors, attracts attendees from around the world to showcase the latest industry advancements and emerging technologies.

Plenary, Keynote and Invited Sessions with inspiring talks by top scholars and industry leaders gives insights into how technology is transforming our industry and reshaping the world.

Scientific Sessions

Targeting Transcription Factors
Covalent Modifications & Induced Proximity
Generative AI & Predictive Modeling
Molecular Glues & Degraders
Fragment-Based Drug Discovery
AI/ML for Early Drug Discovery
Encoded Libraries for Drug Discovery
Small Molecule Immuno-Modulators
Protein-Protein Interactions
Oral Peptides & Macrocyclics
RNA-Modulating Small Molecule Drugs
Next Generation Cancer Therapeutics
New Modalities for Drug Discovery
Biological targets and biomarkers
Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics
Pharmaceutical preparations and drug delivery
First Disclosures & Medicinal Chemistry Highlights
New Chemical Technologies
In Silico Solutions in MedChem
Computational Drug Delivery
Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery Systems
Infectious Disease Drug Discovery
Neurodegenerative diseases
Current Trends in Bioimaging and Diagnostics
Antivirals and Pandemic Diseases
Therapeutic Tools

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Opens20/03/2024
Abstract Submission Closes05/02/2025
Registration Closes28/09/2024
Early bird registration28/06/2024
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