e-Brain OncoVision: Connecting the Dots in Cancer Care


We are hosting one of the global leading conferences in oncology, “e-Brain OncoVision: Connecting the Dots in Cancer Care,” scheduled for 15th – 16th February 2024.

The objective of this conference is to provide a virtual platform where innovators and subject matter experts will emphasize the breakthroughs in the field of precision oncology, early cancer detection, nanomedicine, and the future of clinical trials for personalized medicine.

Unlike other oncology conferences that are limited to convening a panel of experts to explore and discuss key breakthroughs within a particular domain, this metaverse-based global event offers an opportunity for many startups looking to develop or showcase novel technologies in the oncology domain. Moreover, the conference supports big corporates in sharing their ideologies & marketing their innovations, along with providing a collaborative space for technology facilitators and other stakeholders in the field of precision oncology.

Through a series of expert-led discussions, workshops, and networking sessions, we aspire to facilitate an interdisciplinary dialogue that is crucial for the advancement of cancer care.

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