9th Global Summit on Diabetes & Endocrinology (Diabetes Conference 2024)


We are delighted to extend a warm welcome to all attendees of the 9th Global Summit on Diabetes & Endocrinology (Diabetes Conference 2024), hosted by Inovine Meetings LLC. This prestigious two-day conference, scheduled to take place on August 14-16, 2024 in the beautiful city of Zurich, Switzerland, promises to be an enriching and enlightening scientific event. The ‘9th Global Diabetes & Endocrinology Summit 2024’ is a premier scientific event that aims to provide a platform for researchers, scientists, clinicians, and industry professionals to exchange knowledge, present their research findings, and discuss the latest advancements in the field of diabetes and endocrinology. The conference will feature a comprehensive scientific program covering various aspects of both disciplines.

The conference will focus on diabetes mellitus, a metabolic disorder characterized by high blood sugar levels, and endocrinology, the study of hormones and their effects on the body. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of topics related to diabetes and endocrine disorders, including their diagnosis, management, treatment strategies, and the latest research developments.

Scientific Sessions

Acute and Chronic Complications
Clinical Diabetes / Therapeutics
Epidemiology / Genetics
Behavioural Medicine, Clinical Nutrition, Education, and Exercise
Insulin Action / Molecular Metabolism
Integrated Physiology / Obesity
Islet Biology / Insulin Secretion
Diabetes and Cancer
Latest Advances in Diabetes Technology
Advanced in Diabetes Care
Pandemic Diabetology and Telehealth
Cardiovascular Diabetology
Nutrition and Diet
Type 1 Diabetes Screening, Prevention and Immunotherapy
Genetics of Diabetes
Covid-19 and Diabetes
Diabetes Ophthalmology
Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Cardiovascular Risk in Type 2 Diabetes
Stem Cell Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes
Insulin Medication
Diabetes Research in Clinical Practice
Thyroid Disorders in Children, Teens and Adolescents
Advances in Endocrinology Metabolism
Risk Factors and Related Diseases of Diabetes
Emerging Focus in Diabetes Research
Advanced Technologies for the Treatment of Diabetes
Ketogenic Diet for Diabetes
Diabetic Foot Disorders
Natural Therapy for Diabetes
Diabetes, Endocrinology and obesity
Reproductive Endocrinology
Molecular Biology of Diabetes
Bariatric Surgery
Genetics and Epigenetics of Obesity
Advanced Treatment for Obesity
Non-Surgical Treatment for Obesity
Paediatric Endocrinology
Epidemiology and Public health
Hypertension and Diabetes
Market Analysis of Diabetic Products
Diabetic Neuropathy

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Closes15/04/2024
Early bird registration20/04/2024
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