2nd Edition of Global Conference on Biofuels and Bioenergy (Biofuels 2025)

Experience the 2nd Edition of Global Conference on Biofuels and Bioenergy, where innovation meets sustainability in the biofuels and bioenergy sector. Join us from March 13-15, 2025, either onsite at Rome, Italy, or virtually from anywhere in the world. With a hybrid format designed for accessibility, Biofuels 2025 offers an inclusive platform for professionals and experts alike.

Under the theme “Advancing Biofuel Research: Bridging the Gap between Lab and Industry,” Biofuels 2025 aims to explore the latest advancements and challenges in biofuel technology. As biofuels continue to play a crucial role in meeting global energy demands, discussions on research, innovation, and industry applications are more pertinent than ever.

The Biofuels Conference brings together thought leaders from industry and academia to tackle key topics such as optimizing production processes, overcoming scalability hurdles, and navigating regulatory frameworks. Despite progress, the biofuels industry faces on-going challenges such as market volatility and regulatory complexities, underscoring the importance of collaborative solutions.

Bioenergy Congress offers a unique opportunity to exchange ideas, gain insights from leading researchers, and expand your professional network. Engage with cutting-edge research presentations, connect with industry pioneers, and contribute to shaping the future of biofuels and bioenergy. Don’t miss out on this enriching experience – register now for Biofuels 2025!

Scientific Sessions

2.Biofuels and Bioenergy
3.First, Second and Third Generation Biofuels
5.Biodiesel & Green Diesel
6.Bioalcohols, Bioethanol, Biobutanol
7.Biogas, Biomethane & Biohydrogen
12.Biobased Chemicals and Materials
13.Solid Biofuels
14.Anaerobic Digestion of Waste
15.Bacterial and Fungal/Yeast Genetics, Physiology and Metabolic Engineering
16.Energy from Biological Resources
17.Pretreatment Technologies
18.Feedstock Development
19.Residual Biomass
20.Bioelectrochemical and Thermochemical Conversion
21.Chemical & Biochemical Conversion
22.Production Optimization
23.Process Design
24.Thermodynamic Analysis
25.Applied Microbiology
26.Biomass Valorization
27.Bioresource Technologies
28.Effect of Fuel on Climate Change
29.Application of Nanoparticles
30.Avionics Biofuels
31.Algal, Fungal and Enzyme Based Biofuels and Bioproducts
32.Biofuels in Commercial Market
33.Plant Biomass and Fermentation
34.Sustainability of Biofuels and Bioenergy
35.Market and Life Cycle Assessments
36.Environmental Impact Analysis
37.Ethical Issues
38.Current and Future Trends

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Opens04/03/2024
Abstract Submission Deadline30/08/2024
Abstract Submission Closes01/03/2025
Registration Opens05/03/2024
Registration Deadline31/10/2024
Registration Closes02/03/2025
Early bird registration31/05/2024
on spot registration13/03/2025
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