2nd International Conference on Natural, Traditional & Alternative Medicine (Alternative Medicine 2024)


Scitechseries proudly presents this “2nd International Conference on Natural, Traditional & Alternative Medicine (Alternative Medicine 2024),” from November 20-21, 2024 at Malaysia. The focus is on “Alchemy of Healing: Unveiling the Secrets of Traditional and Alternative Medicine.”

The convention provides support to participants through international resources and advice, cultivating robust communities focused on global education, research, and awareness of alternative medicine approaches to focusing on holistic well-being and natural remedies. Serving as a worldwide hub for the exchange of ideas, insights, and remedies across diverse regions and specialties, the event encourages the dissemination of optimal practices while empowering a fresh cohort of advocates, activists, practitioners, and researchers in the field of alternative medicine. The program includes presentations, keynotes, plenary discussions, symposiums, and exhibitions, all tailored to the context of alternative medical practices.

We extend a warm invitation for your participation in this exceptional event, where we seamlessly integrate the latest advancements with the pursuit of excellence in the field of alternative medicine.

Scientific Sessions

1. Traditional medicine
2. Natural medicine
3. Chinese medicine
4. Environmental medicine
5. Alternative Therapies
6. Conventional medicine
7. Complementary Therapies
8. Integrative health
9. Natural treatment
10. Ethnomedicine
11. Folk medicine
12. Physiotherapy
13. Rehabilitation
14. Health-care techniques
15. Psychotherapy
16. Traditional treatments
17. Acupuncture Therapy
18. Nutrition and diet
19. Green Medicine
20. Pharmacognosy

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Opens20/09/2024
Abstract Submission Deadline23/10/2024
Abstract Submission Closes19/11/2024
Registration Opens22/08/2024
Registration Deadline19/11/2024
Registration Closes28/10/2024
Early bird registration02/07/2024
on spot registration19/11/2024
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