8th Global Meeting on Oncology and Radiology (Radiology and Oncology 2024)


We extend a warm welcome to you through the official website of the “8th Global Meeting on Oncology and Radiology (Radiology and Oncology 2024),” set to take place in the vibrant city of Paris, France, from March 21st to March 22nd, 2024. We are excited to unveil this year’s theme, “Advancing Cancer Care: Innovations in Oncology and Radiology,” which promises to showcase groundbreaking ideas, cutting-edge techniques, and strategies poised to transform the fields of Radiology and Oncology. Our conference will assemble an illustrious roster of esteemed researchers in Radiology and Oncology, distinguished experts in the field, university professors, specialists, and aspiring students. Prepare for a comprehensive program filled with enlightening lectures, engaging oral and poster presentations, interactive sessions, and invaluable opportunities for knowledge exchange. Share your research insights and gain recognition with certificates sanctioned by our esteemed organizing committee.

Scientific Sessions

Track 1:Advancements in Imaging Technology
Track 2:Artificial Intelligence in Radiology
Track 3:Radiation Therapy and Oncology
Track 4:Early Cancer Detection
Track 5:Multidisciplinary Cancer Care
Track 6:Precision Medicine in Oncology
Track 7:Radiogenomics
Track 8:Interventional Radiology in Oncology
Track 9:Imaging in Cancer Staging
Track 10:Pediatric Oncology Imaging
Track 11:Radiation Safety and Dose Reduction
Track 12:Radiation Oncology Quality Assurance
Track 13:Cancer Imaging in Resource-Limited Settings
Track 14:Imaging for Treatment Response Assessment
Track 15:Imaging and Biomarker Correlation
Track 16:Imaging in Immunotherapy
Track 17:Radiomics
Track 18:Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention
Track 19:Metastatic Cancer Management
Track 20:Cancer Immunology and Tumor Microenvironment

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