7th Annual Congress on Wellness and Alternative Healthcare Informatics (Healthcare IT 2024)


Healthcare IT 2024 is honoured and delighted to welcome the Scientists, Engineers, Doctors and consultants, Students from the sector of healthcare informatics and wellness to attend our “7th Annual Congress on Wellness and Alternative Healthcare Informatics Which is going to be held on September 18-19, 2024 Vancouver, Canada. Theme:“A forum to explore the innovation in Psychology Health”.Healthcare IT 2024 that aims to improve health outcomes and healthcare system performance in direct patient care, design and governance of healthcare organizations and therefore the healthcare system, and health information discovery and management, through the applying of technology (hardware, software, and communication).Main objective of this global congress is to promote learning and provide an opportunity to reach the largest assemblage of participants from Wellness and Healthcare informatics companies, research and development community that is from academia, research entities, industrial groups, related associations, societies, Healthcare IT/Software Companies, Health ICT specialist.

Scientific Sessions

Track 1:Healthcare Informatics
Track 2:Healthcare and innovation
Track 3:Healthcare Technologies
Track 4:Digital Healthcare Technology
Track 5:Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)
Track 6:Health Information technology in rural healthcare
Track 7:Health Informatics and Big Data
Track 8:Health Informatics Management
Track 9:Artificial Intelligence
Track 10:Ayurveda and Aesthetic Medicine
Track 11:Maternal and child’s health
Track 12:E- Prescription
Track 13:Telemedicine
Track 14:E-Health
Track 15:Translational Bioinformatics (TBI)
Track 16:Imaging informatics
Track 17:Pharmacy Informatics
Track 18:Clinical Informatics
Track 19:Biomedical informatics
Track 20:Public Health Informatics
Track 21:Big data analytics

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Opens18/09/2024
Date formats: d/m/y
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