5th Edition of International Conference on Dermatology and Cosmetology (IDC 2024)


Magnus Group is delighted to extend a warm invitation to individuals from all corners of the globe to attend the esteemed and well-established event, the “5th Edition of the International Conference on Dermatology and Cosmetology” (IDC 2024). IDC 2024 is scheduled to take place in the enchanting city of Paris, France, known for its rich history, culture, and contributions to the world of art and fashion. Dermatology Conferences will span three engaging days, from June 24-26, 2024. To ensure wide accessibility and participation, the Cosmetology Conference will also offer a virtual component, allowing attendees to join remotely and actively engage in the proceedings.

The congress will encompass the unique theme of “Revolutionizing Skin Care Through Advances in Dermatology & Cosmetology.”

Scientific Sessions

1. Dermatological Investigations
2. Melanoma
3. Neonatal and Pediatric Dermatology
4. Tele Dermatology
5. Cosmetic Dermatology
6. Cosmetic or Aesthetic Surgery
7. Plastic Reconstructive Surgery
8. Green Cosmetology
9. Cosmetic Dentistry
10. Nail Disorder
11. Type of Skin Condition
12. Skin Care Therapies
13. Trichology
14. Nappage Technique
15. Photodermatoses
16. Dermatology & Market Analysis
17. Case Reports in Cosmetology Practices
18. Cosmetics & Market Analysis
19. Cosmetics Regulation and policy
20. Nanotechnology in Cosmetics & Skin Care
21. Case Reports in Dermatology Practise
22. Dermatology Regulation and policy
23. Laser therapy in Dermatology and Cosmetology
24. Bacterial Skin Diseases
25. Cutaneous Biology
26. Dermal Fungal Infections
27. Dermatological Therapeutics
28. Experimental Dermatology
29. Molecular Studies in Dermatology
30. Pigmentation Disorders
31. Psychodermatology
32. Skin Development and Ageing
33. Skin Grafts
34. Skin Maintenance

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Opens26/05/2023
Abstract Submission Deadline26/10/2023
Abstract Submission Closes10/06/2024
Registration Opens29/05/2023
Registration Deadline30/10/2023
Registration Closes24/06/2024
Early bird registration14/07/2023
on spot registration24/06/2024
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  1. Ceballos

    Bonjour, Je vous prie de m’envoyer le nom du lieu où se déroulera le Congrès. Merci d’avance pour tout renseignement complémentaire.

    Dr. Ceballos

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