3rd Edition of International Vaccines Congress (IVC 2023)


After the huge success of past editions, Magnus group has taken the action in bringing together world-class experts from different countries, universities, laboratories and industry on a single forum at “3rd Edition of International Vaccines Congress(IVC 2023) at Boston, Massachusetts, USA slated during  October 23-25, 2023. The conference will be organized around the theme Assembling Trivial Keys in Immunology Conferences.

Scientific Sessions

1. Next-Generation Vaccine Delivery Technologies
2. Vaccines Policy and Regulatory Affairs
3. Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)
4. Medicine and Vaccine for Covid-19
5. Vaccine Research & Development
6. Viral Diseases
7. Vaccination Strategies
8. Vaccines Safety, Efficacy & Clinical Trails
9. Bacterial Diseases
10. Parasitic Diseases
11. Non-infectious Diseases
12. Human Vaccines
13. Therapeutic Vaccines
14. Vaccine Immunology
15. Vaccines for Vector-borne Diseases
16. Veterinary Vaccines
17. Protein Based Vaccines
18. Vaccines Business Development
19. Childhood Infection Vaccines

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Event Details