2nd Pulmonary Vascular Diseases Summit


The second summit on “Pulmonary Vascular Diseases” was held by Tabriz University of Medical Sciences (TUOMS) in association with Tuberculosis & Lung Research Center of TUOMS at Tabriz El Goli Pars Hotel on 13-14 July 2017.

Dr. Farid Rashidi, Executive Secretary of the conference, cited the following titles as the main topics:

Primary pulmonary hypertension
A review of recent guidelines on embolism and pulmonary hypertension of the European Society of Cardiology
Invasive treatment of acute pulmonary embolism
A review of chronic pulmonary embolism and Thromboendarterectomy and discussing the experiences of domestic centers
A review of the problems of pulmonary vascular disease due to congenital heart diseases
Secondary pulmonary hypertension associated with liver, kidney, and lung diseases and the effects on transplant prognosis
Secondary pulmonary hypertension associated with left heart disease
Catheterism workshop and echocardiographic assessment of the right heart was also held alongside the conference.

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