13th European Epidemiology and Public Health Congress


Conference Series welcomes all participants worldwide to attend the “13th European Epidemiology and Public Health Congress” scheduled to be held during December 14-15, 2023 in Rome, Italy. The Conference deliberations will be on the following theme: “Challenges Encountered and Solutions Adopted in the Field of Epidemiology & Public Health”.


Scientific Sessions
  • Track 1:Covid - 19
    Track 2:Epidemiology
    Track 3:Health Education
    Track 4:Vaccines
    Track 5:Emerging Infectious Diseases
    Track 6:Social Determinants of Health
    Track 7:Antibiotic Resistance & Diagnostics Pathology
    Track 8:Clinical Epidemiology
    Track 9:Neuro Epidemiology
    Track 10:Epidemiology and Nursing Care
    Track 11:Histopathology
    Track 12:Maternal and Child Health
    Track 13:Women and Child Care
    Track 14:Medical Tourism
    Track 15:Population Health and Wellness
Important Dates
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Event Details