12th International Conference on Clinical Research & Clinical Trials


The 12th International Conference on Clinical Research & Clinical Trials, with the theme “Futuristic Developments in Clinical Research & Clinical Trials,” is scheduled for November 09-10, 2023, in London, UK. We cordially invite all dignitaries and sponsors from around the world to attend.

Young scientists and researchers from all around the world would profit from having a platform to communicate their publications and opinions to eminent scientists, researchers, and academics about the same Euro Clinical Trials 2023. In the presence of our renowned members of the Organizing Committee, the Editorial Board Members showed an unparalleled level of curiosity.
We cordially invite you to be a part of Euro Clinical Trials 2023, where you can be certain that you’ll have the opportunity to speak with researchers from all around the world as needed.

Scientific Sessions

Track 1:Clinical Research In Drugs
Track 2:Clinical Research In Neurology
Track 3:Clinical informatic
Track 4:Clinical Research In Biosafety
Track 5:Clinical Research In Biochemistry
Track 6:Clinical Research
Track 7:Clinical trials
Track 8:Prevention trials
Track 9:Screening trials
Track 10:Treatment trials
Track 11:Quality of life trials
Track 12:Epidemiological trials
Track 13:Compassionate use trials or expanded access trials
Track 14:Fixed trials
Track 15:Controlled Clinical Trials
Track 16:Randomized controlled trial
Track 17:Blind trial
Track 18:Non-blind trial an open-label trial, or open trial
Track 19:Non randomized trial
Track 20:Clinical Research in Nursing
Track 21:Clinical Research in Oncology & Cancer
Track 22:Clinical Trials in Pharmacy
Track 23:Clinical Research in Pathology
Track 24:Clinical Trial in nutrition
Track 25:Project Management and Conduct of Trials
Track 26:Clinical Research In Gastroenterology & Hepatology
Track 27:Clinical Research in Animals and plants
Track 28:Clinical Research In Dental
Track 29:Clinical Research In Diabetes

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