11th World Congress on Epidemiology & Public Health


We cordially invite all researchers, students, and epidemiology professionals to attend this forthcoming epidemiology congress, where they will be able to participate in significant scientific conversations and contribute to future advances in the field of epidemiology and public health(WCEPH-2023). The “11th World Congress on Epidemiology & Public Health” which will be held October 25-26, 2023 Nova Scotia, Canada.


Enhancing Public Health and Filling Research Gaps

Scientific Sessions

Track 1:Reproductive, Perinatal & Pediatric Epidemiology
Track 2:Epidemiology and Cancers
Track 3:Nutritional Health & Epidemiology
Track 4:Epidemiology and Sociology
Track 5:Genetic Epidemiology
Track 6:Healthcare Nursing
Track 7:Obesity & Health Disorders
Track 8:Cardiovascular Epidemiology
Track 9: Disease Control Epidemiology
Track 10:Epidemiology & Public Health
Track 11:Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Track 12:Digital Healthcare & Women’s Health
Track 13:Maternal, Infant & Child Health
Track 14:Sexually transmitted diseases (STD)
Track 15:Oncology & Public Health

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Opens01/05/2023
Abstract Submission Deadline10/10/2023
Abstract Submission Closes15/10/2023
Registration Opens01/05/2023
Registration Deadline10/10/2023
Registration Closes20/10/2023
Early bird registration25/08/2023
on spot registration20/10/2023
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