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Journal Title Country P-ISSN E-ISSN
Al-Safiir Pakistan 2709-6041 2709-605X
Southern Journal of Arts & Humanities Pakistan - 2960-2718
International Journal on Studies in English Language and Literature India 2347-3126 2347-3134
International Journal of Arts, Humanities and Management Studies India - 2395-0692
Capture : Jurnal Seni Media Rekam Indonesia 2086-348X 2338-428X
Atrio. Revista de Historia del Arte Spain 0214-8293 2659-5230
Actual Problems of Theory and History of Art Russian Federation 2312-2129 -
Secuencias. Revista de Historia del Cine Spain 1134-6795 2529-9913
Tsantsa. Revista de Investigaciones Artísticas Ecuador 1390-8472 1390-8448
Vestnik policii Slovakia 2409-3610 -