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Clinqon India is developed keeping in mind the need of the hour. 68 days nation-wide lockdown, called in order to contain the spread of deadly covid-19 virus, showed why everything online is the way forward. To bridge the gap between the doctor, the hospital, the pharmacy, the healthcare device store and the customer, we have come up with a one stop healthcare solution where all your needs from the best brands in healthcare would be available under one umbrella.

We have various service available for the customer like the online medicine service, online doctor’s consultancy, a store full of all your covid essential needs. We also have services from our partners in the sector of wellness, Ayurveda, homeopathy, nutrition supplements, healthcare devices and more.

Our goal is to deliver to our customers the best possible solutions at the earliest. We have diverse products and can be used in various platforms like hospitals, household, offices and other public and private institutions.

Keeping in view the nation’s need, we proudly follow “Make in India” mission. Hence we proudly say: We are

crafted in India, serving global needs.

What makes us different from others is the fact that we don’t simply want our customers to buy products from us. We are more than a one-stop shop. Our motto is to share knowledge and bring awareness among people. We aim to build a healthy community, because Nature follows the universal law of “survival of the Fittest.”
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November 25, 2020
November 25, 2020