Pedagogika, psihologia ta mediko-biologicni problemi fizicnogo vihovanna i sportu

The journal was found in 1997 [ISSN 1818-9210 (online), 1818-9172 (print)]. 01.01.2013 - online versions [ISSN 2308-7269 (English ed. online)]. The main reason for launching such a periodical journal, was because of the sudden decrease of people who study physical culture and sport, and the decline of their level of health. At the same time on the world sport arena, there was a considerable increase in competition, where there appeared a new form of sport, where sporting events are as a performance. All of this needs to be take into account, because it changes the conditions of the sport activity in the training process. There is a need to search for more effective methods to involve people, and to engage them in physical culture and forming a positive attitude for their health. In this aspect, the journal can join the efforts of researches in deciding complex problems of physical education and sport in the height of perfection. There are new technological decisions in different areas of knowledge, which attempt, in its adaptation, to solve the problems of physical culture and sport, and were the reason for careful studies both the positive and negative influence on the human organism. First of all the matter is about coordination and experimentation of the comprehensive character of psycho-educational and medical biological directives on the basement of physical culture and sport methods. Special importance have been researched, that are directed to the rising of the quality of a life of children, teenagers, students, middle-aged and elderly people on the basement of physical culture and sport. An important task in these researches was deciding the problems of physical rehabilitation of the sportsmen and its inhabitants. It is necessary to mention, that informational un-cooperation in the scientific development, complicates the access to results of the researchers. In this aspect journal, "Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports", concentrates the decisions of most interesting and topical projects, thesis, conference and seminars. Such a position gives an opportunity for the acquaintance of most progressive technologies of physical training and education, new directions for the development of science about health and healthy lifestyle, health physical culture and exercise therapy, modern researches in amateur and professional sport. Certainly there are a number of similar Ukrainian periodicals that have comparable goals. But the journal, "Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports", is the one journal in Ukraine that joins several branches of knowledge, and focuses on the singularity and novelty of articles. The Editorial Board is comprised of most authoritative researchers from different regions (Ukraine, Russia, Belorussia, Poland, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Slovakia, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, China and USA). We genuinely hope that the journal, "Pedagogics, Psychology, Medical-Biological Problems of Physical Training and Sports", will contribute to the development of theory and practice of physical culture and sport, and strengthen interdisciplinary connection.
Published byKharkov Regional Branch of National Olympic Committee of Ukraine
Year publication1997Frequency (Publish per Year)12
ISSN (print)1818-9172ISSN (online)1818-9210
Journal disciplinePedagogical SciencesFull text languageRussian, English
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Editor in ChiefSergii Iermakov
Abbreviated NamePedagog. psihol. med.-biol. probl. fiz. vihov. sportuCountryUkraine
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