Arquivos de Gastroenterologia

Founded in 1964, the journal offers the advantage to publish original articles , free of charge, from everywhere, subjected to a peer review system. The articles must be about Gastroenterology areas, including nutrition and experimental. 8000 copies are free distributed although open access way.
Published byInstituto Brasileiro de Estudos e Pesquisas de Gastroenterologia e Especialidades
Year publication1951Frequency (Publish per Year)4
ISSN (print)0004-2803ISSN (online)1678-4219
Journal disciplineMedical SciencesFull text languageEnglish
Journal Website
Editor in ChiefRicardo Guilherme Viebig
Abbreviated NameARQGASTROENTEROLCountryBrazil
Journal is indexed by-, KindCongress
Impact FactorDate added to KC26 May 2020
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