2nd International Conference on Green Chemistry


The Scientific committee invites participants from all over the world to Share the Knowledge at the 2nd¬†International Conference on Green Chemistry in Japan,Tokyo during October 20-21,2023 .The theme of the conference is to “Minimize the usage of hazardous substances for sustainable development” which brings together scientists, Academicians, Research Scholars, engineers ,Business Executives & Students to share their knowledge and estimate emerging technologies in Green Chemistry across the globe.This experience helps Green Chemistry 2023 to encourage a strong level of dialogue and discussion, thus maximizing the benefits of attendance. This Conference surely provides great research-related information and insight into the development of the world Chemical industry, which in turn attendees to make better and more profitable decisions for upcoming generations.

Scientific Sessions

Green chemistry and Technology
Biomass and Bioenergy
Recycle waste content
Trends in Green chemistry
Biomass and its conversion
Green Analytical Chemistry
Green Technologies in Food Production & Processing
Industrial Applications of Green Chemistry
Ultra Sound Technology in Green Chemistry
Green Chemistry Market
Waste Valorization Techniques
Green Catalysts
Waste prevention instead of remediation
New ideas for Non-toxic by products

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