International Conference on Agriculture and Plant Science


The International Conference on Agriculture and Plant Science is going to be held on September 06-07, 2023, in Singapore. The main theme is “Developing a Coherent Vision for Exploring the Future Advancements in the field of Agriculture and Plant Sciences

The main focus of the conference is to bring together the topmost Scientists, Botanists, agronomists, Plant researchers, and Scholars from different parts of the world to share their research experience in all angles of Agriculture and Plant Science.

Scientific Sessions

Plant Biotechnology
Plant Biology and research
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
Environment and Biosystems
Plant Molecular Biology
Agronomy and Agricultural Research
Plant Ecology and Taxonomy
Phytochemical Analysis
Microbiology and Phycology
Plant Pathology and Mycology
Plant Nutrition and Soil Sciences
Plant Anatomy and Morphology
Plant Science: Antibodies, Antigens, and Antibiotics
Plant Hormones and metabolites
Plant Genetics and Genomics
Plant Tissue Culture
Forest Science and Silviculture
Horticulture and Floriculture
Plants Entomology and Pest Management
Plant Diseases
Agriculture Engineering and Biotechnology
Agricultural Business and Economics
Agriculture Extension & Food Security
Agronomy and Crop Sciences
Agriculture and Environment
Agroforestry and Landscaping
Dairy, Poultry and Livestock Farming
Aquaculture and Apiculture
Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry
Digital Agriculture
Irrigation and Water Management
Agriculture Education and Research
Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture
Organic Agriculture
Climate Smart Agriculture
Agriculture Production Systems
Olericulture and Pomology
Food Science and Technology

Important Dates
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