6th International Conference on Vaccines and Immunology


The 6th International Conference on Vaccines and Immunology is scheduled during April 03-04, 2023 in Paris, France. The theme of the conference is “Novel Ideas and Latest Advancements in the Field of Vaccines and Immunology”. The conference highlights the evolution of vaccines, recently made advancements in the field of Vaccines and the scientific research that goes behind vaccines. The gathering incorporates talks from educated researchers, scientists, doctors, and students researching vaccines. There will be poster and e-poster competitions, PowerPoint presentations, workshops, and exhibitions.

Scientific Sessions

Track 1:Vaccines
Track 2:Vaccines and their types
Track 3:Viral Mutations and Variants
Track 4:Pediatric Vaccines
Track 5:Emerging Infectious Diseases
Track 6:Vaccine Research and Development
Track 7:Corona Virus
Track 8:Virology & Microbiology
Track 9:Clinical Trials
Track 10:Immunology
Track 11:Travel Immunization
Track 12:Plant-Based Vaccines
Track 13:Vaccines Associated with Cancer
Track 14:HIV vaccines
Track 15:Anti-bodies and Viral Diseases
Track 16:Vaccine safety and Efficacy
Track 17:Immunization for pregnant & Lactating women
Track 18:Advancements of Vaccines
Track 19:Adverse effects of Vaccination
Track 20:Geriatric immunization
Track 21:Bio Markers and Case Reports
Track 22:Antibiotics
Track 23:Vaccine Guidelines
Track 24:Vaccine Manufacturing Technologies

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