6th International Conference on Emergency & Acute Care Medicine


The Conference Series LLC Ltd is delighted to invite you to the “6th international conference on emergency and acute care medicine”, taking place in Paris, France on June 19-20, 2023. The conference was titled “Emergency Medicine 2023“.

Theme: Educating and Promoting Emergency and Acute Care Services Across the Globe

Life-threatening illnesses and injuries are now recognized much sooner and are now being addressed in a more efficient manner. Emergency room physicians treat seriously ill and injured patients, have a significant impact on their lives, and hardly ever get to see them again once they have recovered their faculties. In this area, nurses and doctors are always up against the unexpected and under extreme pressure to succeed. Although it’s a terrible fact of life that they can’t always succeed, these professionals nevertheless have the desire to give it their all. Emergency medicine professionals are motivated by this resolve to fight and the possibility to be the first to have an impact on patients’ lives, frequently in the face of overwhelming odds.

Scientific Sessions

Track 1:Emergency medicine
Track 2:Emergency Medical Services
Track 3:Anesthesiology Critical Care Medicine
Track 4:Internal Medicine-Critical Care Medicine
Track 5:Neurocritical Care
Track 6:Psychiatric emergencies
Track 7:Paediatric emergency
Track 8:Medical Toxicology
Track 9:Emergency Internal Medicine
Track 10:Rural Emergency Medicine
Track 11: Cardiac Emergencies
Track 12:Endocrine emergencies
Track 13:Gynaecological Emergencies
Track 14:Respiratory Emergencies
Track 15:Emergency Nursing

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