57th World Congress on Nursing and Health Care


ConferenceSeries LLC Ltd is pleased to invite you to participate in the 57th World Congress on Nursing and Health Care (Nursing Conferences) on June 12-13, 2023 Amsterdam, the Netherlands under the theme “Integrating Milestones nursing and health”.

The World Nursing Congress 2023 will offer cutting-edge approach experiences and expert advancements to support exceptional patient outcomes and improved care transfer among nurses. Participants will receive notification from key specialists and experts to support nurse enrollment and retention, improve patient standards and well-being, and formulate practical responses to generate interest.

Scientific Sessions

Track 1:Dermatology nursing
Track 2:Diabetic Nursing
Track 3:Disaster and emergency nursing
Track 4:Gastroenterology Nursing
Track 5:Genetic Nursing
Track 6:Advanced practice nursing
Track 7:Cardiac nursing
Track 8:Geriatrics and gerontology nursing
Track 9:Clinical Nursing
Track 10:Mental health and psychiatry nursing
Track 11:Midwifery nursing and women’s health
Track 12:Community and family nursing
Track 13:Nephrology nursing
Track 14:Nursing education and practice
Track 15:Obstetrics and gynecology nursing
Track 16:Oncology nursing
Track 17:Pediatric nursing
Track 18:Perioperative nursing
Track 19:Tele nursing and travel nursing
Track 20:Dental nursing

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