4th Global summit on Agriculture & Organic farming


On behalf of the Agriculture 2023 Organizing Committee, we take great pleasure in inviting all participants from around the world to attend the “4th Global Summit on Agriculture and Organic Farming” to be held from August 28-29, 2023 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Theme: Exploring the Future Advancements in the field of Agricultural Sciences

Scientific Sessions

Track 1: Organic Agriculture
Track 2:Sustainable Agriculture
Track 3:Agroecology
Track 4:Organic Farming vs Conventional Farming
Track 5:Principles of Organic Agriculture
Track 6:Plant Genomics
Track 7:Agricultural Biotechnology
Track 8:Soil management
Track 9:Horticulture & Agronomy
Track 10: Biofertilizers
Track 11:Transgenic Plants
Track 12: Irrigation management
Track 13:Integrated farming
Track 14: Agricultural climatology
Track 15:Crop Protection
Track 16:Precision agriculture
Track 17:Crop rotation
Track 18:Polyculture
Track 19:Livestock Farming
Track 20:Agricultural waste management
Track 21:Agricultural engineering
Track 22:Agribusiness Management
Track 23:Food and nutrition security
Track 24:Cropping System
Track 25:Digital Agriculture

Important Dates
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