4th Edition of International Precision Medicine Conference


Building on the success of the previous editions which drew delegates from all over the world, we now welcome you all once again to join hands in organising the “4th Edition of International Precision Medicine Conference” (Precision Med 2023) in Virtual format from your home or work, during August 17-19, 2023.

Theme: Customizing and Exploring Latest Innovations in Patient Centric Drugs

Scientific Sessions

1. Biomarkers and Diagnostics
2. Personalized Therapies
3. Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)- Diagnosis and treatment
4. Personalized Medicine for COVID-19
5. Preventive Medicine & Public Health Care
6. Approaches to Stem Cells and Cell therapy
7. Artificial intelligence : Precision medicine
8. Clinical Case Reports
9. Market Strategies & Challenges In Personalised Medicine
10. Personalized Medicine in Oncology
11. Rare Diseases/Disorders and Orphan Drugs
12. Patient-Centered Care
13. Future of personalized medicine
14. Lifestyle Medicine
15. Immunology and Infectious Diseases
16. Advances in Molecular Diagnostics
17. Personalised medicine for CNS diseases
18. Cardiology and vascular medicine
19. Nanotechnology in Personalized Medicine
20. Emerging opportunities in personalized medicine
21. Drug target discovery and integration with individualized therapy
22. Proteomics and Genomics in Personalized Medicine
23. Gene Editing, Microbiome and Neoantigens
24. Diversity in Precision Medicine
25. Translational Informatics
26. Precision medicine in guiding clinical trials
27. Disease Prevention Strategies and Medical Treatments
28. Wearable technology : Precision Medicine
29. Digital Phenotyping
30. Diabetic Medicine
31. Liquid biopsy
32. Precision diagnostics and Imaging
33. Regulatory Affairs
34. Cost-benefit issues, and ethics in precision medicine
35. Theragnosis
36. Companion Diagnostics in Precision Medicine
37. Big Data Integration
38. Precision Immunotherapy and Psychiatry
39. Pharmacometabolomics
40. Pharmacogenomics: Convergence of Pharmacology & Genomics
41. Product Development and Commercialization Challenges
42. Precision Medicine in Cancer diagnosis and treatment
43. Computational and Statistical Genomics
44. Cancer Genetics and Comparative Genomics
45. Genetics and Molecular Biology
46. Precision pharmacotherapy

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Closes14/08/2023
Early bird registration10/08/2023
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