5th Iran International Aluminum Conference and Exhibition (IIAC2018)

Conference Overview

Iran international Aluminium Conference is one of the most important gatherings for Aluminium professionals and a well-known exhibition of Aluminium products, technologies and investments in the Middle East which is upheld every 2 years.

Launched in 2009, the event brings together industry front-runners including producers, manufacturers, and processors of raw materials to end products as well as suppliers of technologies and accessories for aluminum production, processing, and refinement.

IIAC2014 gathered more than 50 exhibitors and more than 60 delegates from 15 countries around the globe and 300 experts from Iranian companies and institutions.A total of 172 full-text paper and 435 abstracts were received in IIAC2014 related to challenges of the global aluminium related market, future advancements in aluminium production and application, aluminium smelting technologies, raw materials, casting and solidification, mechanical properties, recycling and environment, refractory materials, corrosion and surface treatment, energy saving management in aluminium industries and etc.

the previous event, IIAC2016, was a turning point in Iran aluminum industry. 70 companies which include International brands and also well-known domestic companies exhibited their latest achievements,  discuss mutual collaborative cooperation and shared their latest information about region aluminum industry. In comparison to the previous period, foreign attendance has a 40% growth.


As the only way to enter Iran aluminum industry,  IIAC2018, would be the time for aluminum industries from Iran and various other countries to meet and discuss the aluminum market and business and tie-up the business with the establishment of new aluminum plants in the region. This event also acts as a platform for engineers and researchers from academic institutions and industries to evolve a collective approach to work towards fulfilling the present and the future demands of the aluminum industry. this event will be staged 25-26 April 2018 at Olympic Hotel, Tehran.


  • Vast foreign investment opportunities in Iran’s aluminum industry
  • Aluminium and its related market
  • Future advancements in aluminum production and applications
  • Aluminium smelting technologies
  • Raw materials
  • Casting and solidification
  • Metalworking & mechanical properties
  • Recycling and environment
  • Powder metallurgy
  • Nanotechnology
  • Heat treatment
  • Welding and joining
  • Composite materials
  • Refractory materials
  • Corrosion and surface treatment
  • Simulation and automation
  • Energy saving management in aluminum industries

Important Dates

Abstract Submission 15 Nov. 2017
Acceptance Notification 01 Dec. 2017
Full-Text Submission 05 Jan. 2018
Reviewers Notification 01 Feb. 2018
Paper Revision 20 Feb. 2018
Final Acceptance 05 Mar. 2018


The goal of IIAC is to present and discuss recent progress in aluminum and will cover all aspects of production, processing, fabrication, structure/property relationship and engineering applications of aluminum.

Workshops and technical sessions will be held with the cooperation of Iranian and international companies and organizations there will also be an exhibition adjacent to the conference.

Oral and poster presentations dealing with the various topics will be included in the conference.

The conference committee has invited eminent researchers working in the key areas of the materials science and processing/ manufacturing/ applications from several countries to deliver lectures at IIAC20.


Make preparation, this is the business of aluminum.

All Iranian aluminum industries and related companies will participate in this unique exhibition and more than 30 international companies are expected to present their technology, services, and product dedicated to the aluminum and related industries.

This exhibition provides an overview of the entire aluminum industry in Iran.

14th international conference of Industrial Engineering

Welcome ToIIEC2018 | About the Conference

IIEC is an annual International Industrial Engineering Conference for all researchers in Iran and abroad. We have a strong organization team, dependable reputation and high level of scientific credit. This year IIEC is going to take place at Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran. It is the second time IUST hosts the IIEC which is considered to make an evolution in the history of IIEC. IUST is a research institution and university of engineering and science which is known as one of the best and highly reputed universities in Iran. Its Industrial Engineering Department specifically host the notable faculty members and talented students from all over the Iran.

In the 14th International Industrial Engineering Conference, which will be held during February 07-08,2018, the topics are open to original theories, high-quality methodological contributions and relevant real-world applications and case studies from the industry and the services. We would focus on both the latest development and signs of progress of Industrial Engineering through presentations of our academic professionals and the application and role of Industrial Engineering in industries through the discussions between our industrials experts.

For the first time ever, we would focus more on novel applications of Industrial Engineering and make opportunities to interact and network with qualified professionals from throughout the world. We are looking forward to meeting you in Iran.

Conference Topics

Main Theme

Industrial Engineering: Novel Applications and Original Theories

1- Novel Applications of Industrial Engineering in

  • Electronic and Startup Businesses (including Networked and Smart Business)
  • Health Systems
  • Urban Systems
  • Stock Market, Banking, and Insurance Sector
  • Risk and Disaster Management and Business Continuity Management
  • Sustainable Development (Social Responsibility and Environmental Impacts of Product Life Cycle)
  • Resistive Economy
  • Tourism Sector
  • Energy and Water Systems (Oil, Gas, Petrochemical Products, Renewable Energies)
  • High-Tech Industries (Nanotechnology, Biotechnology,…)
  • Integrated and Intelligent Logistics Systems
  • Advanced Production Systems

2- Original Theories

  • Exact Solution Methods for Complex Problems
  • Novel Techniques for Game Theory models and Mechanism Design
  • Novel Uncertain Programming Methods
  • Soft System Thinking methods
  • Soft Computing
  • Data Science and Data-Driven Optimization
  • Organizational Assessment Techniques and Methods
  • Network Analysis Methods


Keynote speaker 1

Prof. Alexandre Dolgui

Prof. Alexandre Dolgui

Professor and Head of Automation, Production and Computer Sciences Dept.

IMT Atlantique University, France

Keynote speaker 2


Prof. Jalal Ashayeri


Prof. Jalal Ashayeri

Professor of Econometrics and Operations Research Dept.

Tilburg University, Netherlands


Keynote speaker 3

Prof. Mauro A Onori

Prof. Mauro A Onori

Professor and Head of Production Engineering Dept.

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

 Important dates

Date of Conference 7-8 February, 2018
Paper Submission 17 November, 2018
Review Feedback 21 December, 2018
Revised Paper Submission and Registration 31 December, 2018


Paper Template

Row Title download Main link
1 Paper Template (.docx)
2 Paper Template (.pdf)

Conference Venue

Iran University of Science and Technology,Tehran,Iran

Address: Iran University of Science and Technology,Hengam Street,Resalat Highway,Narmak,Tehran

Iran University of Science and Technology

The Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST) is a research institution and university of engineering and science in Iran. The university is home to 13 faculties offering undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in a range of engineering-based subjects as well as math and physics. In 1995 IUST awarded Iran’s first PhDs in materials,metallurgical and traffic engineering. IUST is the only university in the Middle East which has a school of railway engineering and a school of progress engineering. It is also the only university in Iran which has a school of automotive engineering. There are also 12 research centers,nine centers of excellence and 19 specialized libraries as well as four satellite campuses in other parts of the country.[4] IUST is located on Hengam Street in the Narmak neighborhood in northeast Tehran,IUST and its surrounding communities provide a cultural and recreational environment suited to the work of a major research institution.

According to the results of 2016 Times Higher Education World University Rankings,Iran University of Science and Technology stands as the first university of the country,57th among Asian Universities and 457th among world universities.[5]QS World University Rankings 2016-2017 has announced Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST) as the second university of Iran and 491-500 among world universities.[6] The 20,000[7] capacity IUST Stadium is their main sports venue.

The main campus is located in the northeast of Tehran,expanded in 42 acres (170,000 m2). The campus includes faculty buildings,research centers,the main library,residential halls,the mosque,administrative buildings,sport playgrounds and covered spaces for sports such as football stadium,volleyball,basketball,and tennis courts.

IUST has four other campuses in the cities of Arak,Behshahr,Damavand,and Noor; the latter two are in progress.

International Conference on Combinatorics, Cryptography and Computation

International Conference on Combinatorics, Cryptography and Computation (I4C2017) will be held in Tehran city, Iran 2017. Original research papers in the areas of algorithms, theory of computation, computational complexity, and combinatorics related to computing are solicited. In addition to theoretical results, we are particularly interested in submissions that report on experimental and applied research of general algorithmic interest. Special consideration will be given to research that is motivated by real-world problems. Experimental and applied papers are expected to show convincingly the usefulness and efficiency of the algorithms discussed in a practical setting.

Papers of high quality will be invited to special issues of IJMEC, KBEI and TJMCS.

The topics of interest include (but are not limited to) the following:

• Algorithms and Data Structures

• Algorithmic Game Theory

• Approximation Algorithms and Online Algorithms

• Automata, Languages, Logic, and Computability

• Complexity Theory

• Computational Learning Theory and Knowledge Discovery

• Cryptography, Reliability and Security, and Database Theory

• Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

• Computational Algebra, Geometry, and Number Theory

• Graph Drawing and Information Visualization

• Graph Theory, Communication Networks, and Optimization

• Parallel and Distributed Computing

Important Dates

Paper submission due October/27/2017
Notification of Acceptance November/16/2017
Registration November/26/2017
Conference Dates December 7-8th 2017

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The Biennial International Conference on Experimental Solid Mechanics

 The Biennial International Conference on Experimental Solid Mechanics and Dynamics (X-Mech-2018) is being organized by the Center of Excellence in Experimental Solid Mechanics and Dynamics affiliated to the School of Mechanical Engineering at Iran University of Science and Technology.

The objective of the conference is to establish a forum for exchanging the ideas in the field of experimental solid mechanics. The International Conference on Experimental Solid Mechanics (X-Mech-2018) will be held during Feb. 13-14, 2018 in the campus of Iran University of Science and Technology in Tehran, Iran.

The Conference Location:

Excavations place the existence of settlements in Tehran as far back as 6000 BC. The best feature of the city is the magnificent Alborz Mountains with the altitude of 1800 meters above sea level range on the northern side, covered with snow usually from November to May. Tehran is a city of all four seasons with hot summers, freezing winters, and brief springs and autumns.

The highest peak in the country, Mount Damavand (5,678 m), which is an extinct volcano covered in snow for most of the year with its visibility from Tehran has an attractive appeal for adventurers and climbers. Tehran, with a population of around 14 million, is the biggest city in Iran and one of the largest cities in the Middle East, comparable in size with London and New York. The city is very lively in days, and the population is very young. There are many quality museums to visit and plentiful good restaurants to dine in. People are very friendly especially towards foreigners, and the majority of the young generation has a good command of English. International participants require an “Entry Visa”.

The Biennial International Conference on Experimental Solid Mechanics


Different topics in experimental solid mechanics and dynamics including but not limited to:


   Elasticity and Plasticity    Impact mechanics
   Experimental stress analysis    Adaptive and smart structures/materials
   Fatigue and durability    Engineering acoustics and vibrations
  Fracture mechanics   Identification of mechanical systems
   High strain rates loading    Noise and vibrations
   Advanced materials and composites    Rotating machinery/condition monitoring
   Micro and Nano-materials    Shock and vibration testing
  Optical techniques   Structural dynamics
   Vehicle dynamics   Mechanics of thin films
   Robotics    Biomechanics
  Nondestructive Evaluations    Nano-mechanics

Important Dates:

Abstract submission 30 Sept. 2017
Abstract acceptance 31 Oct. 2017
Early registration 30 Nov. 2017
Full paper submission 31 Dec. 2017
Conference sessions 13-14 Feb. 2018

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The First International Conference on Urban and Intercity Roads Landscape (A Vernacular Approach)

About The First International Conference on Urban and Intercity Roads Landscape

Achieving the goals of comprehensive scientific country map in the field of art, architecture and urbanism requires the opening of new science and art and Technology based on the values of sustainable architecture in Iran is committed to the realization of art and Iranian and Islamic architecture. Undoubtedly, achieving these goals requires creation of foundations and structures needed and also also scientific conference holding is to achieve a comprehensive scientific map has been clarified.

Since scientific conferences an appropriate context for publication and presentation of scientific achievements provided and Opportunity to review the findings in the scientific community loses, To achieve on such goals in recognizing art, architecture, technology and Islamic-Iranian urbanism we decided to hold a series of conferences art, architecture and applied in order to achieve the following objectives take action.

Conference goals

  • Benefit from global experience in the field   Architectural road criteria and And localizing and using them to Codification Design Criteria (Road Landscape).
  • Provide practical solutions comparative studies on Road Landscape.
  • Combining dimensions (Represents of) diverse involved in the organizing the Road Landscape.
  • Incorporating Landscape road norms and values of urban habitations
  • Promotion, transfer and development of indigenous technologies and new in field   Landscape road
  • Provide new and effective methods in the realization pattern of Engineering indigenous and Islamic-Iranian architecture
  • The production of knowledge, creating a suitable platform for presenting the latest News and scientific and research findings related
  • And research and training programs and workshops in the field of localization, Technology and Architecture and Landscape road by integrating education with research and skill The main features pattern of system Science and Technology and Innovation Is The comprehensive scientific map, In order to achieve the goals set have been

Some of the specialized axes conference that the priority are as follows:

main axes

Comparative Study on roads’ Architecture and  Landscape  regulations

Route selection

Platform physics road

According to signs, monuments and  buildings located on the Border of road Platform

Sustainability and  roads’ Landscape

roads and their Landscapes’ management and Planning

roads’ Architecture and  Landscape  Pathology

Architecture and the intercity  road Landscape in iran

Evaluation criteria and guidelines and Architecture and the Landscape roads

Other Linked axes

Architecture & urbanism

Recognition of architecture, technology and urbanism of  Islamic-Iranian

importance of technology usage in roads’ modern architecture

Indigenous technologies in the fields of Architecture and Landscape road

Comparative studies and the roads architectural

Architecture and the smart cities of the future

Architecture, design and the planning in the field road

sustainability concepts and sustainable development in architecture and road Landscape

Smart Management System Architecture and the Landscape road

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