Hossein Shahbazi

Speciality: Literature
University: University of Tabriz
Country: Iran
City: Tabriz
Spoken Language:
Contact Email: hs.turo1364@gmail.com
Contact Phone: +989148874492
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Hossein Shahbazi’s Scientific Record and Resume

1) Master degree in Persian language and literature with an average of 18.21 and a 20th grade dissertation and a PhD in Persian Language and Literature from Tabriz University (18.25) (pass to the comprehensive exam)

2) The compilation of a “comprehensive description of the book of Qashiriyeh” from the Zavar of Tehran to the National Bibliography Number 3540691 and ISBN 6-507-401-964-978 (2014)

3) Compilation of the book (Scripture) (excerpt from Ghashiriyeh’s Rescript) for master’s degree students and PhD in Literature from Zavar Publishing of Tehran to National Bibliography Number 3590989 and ISBN 3-508-401-964-978 (2014)

4) Compilation of the book (Hidden treasure; Research on the Quran and Hadith in Persian literature) from Tehran’s Dabizash Publications to the National Bibliography Number 1773130 and ISBN 8-66-7712-964-978 (2009)

5) The compilation of the “General Arabic Book” from the publication of the Ahrar Tabriz to the National Bibliography Number 1295485 and ISBN 3-008-976-964-978 (2008)

6) The compilation of the book of Manhajar al-Arabiya (Arabic rules) from the Zavvar publishing of Tehran (1394) to the bibliographic number 3755749 and ISBN: 5-517-401-964-978.(2016)

7) The compilation of the text of nature, Zavar Publishing House of Tehran (1395), ISBN: 9789644015311, Academic Editor

8) Compilation of ” Writing and Correspondence and Reporting”, Akhtar Publishing Tabriz (1395), National Bibliographic Number 4605773

9) A research article with a profile on the JID (SID) and (ISC) “Critique of Sufi Verses and Deviations in Ghassiriyah’s Resurrection and Analysis and Confronting Shia Resource” from the Quarterly Journal of Baharestan e- Sokhan Khoy Azad University (Summer 2016) NO 27

11) Scientific article with a profile on the base of (SID) and (ISC) (Secondary Thoughts of Meanings, Expressions and Stylistic Coordinates of Abhar-e-Alashakin) from the Specialist Spring of Literature (Stylistics of Order and Prose) (No. 28, Summer 2016).

12) Scientific article with a profile at (SID) and (ISC) (research on the points of Khagani and historical geography of Tabriz based on the Tabriz safineh) (University of Tabriz) (spring and summer of 2017)

13) International Conference Paper “Examining the Verbal Facets of Ghashiriyeh Resale in Confronting Shia’s Opinions”. International Conference on Literary, Language, and Cultural Studies, 2016, Bushehr Azad University, in collaboration with Dr Mir jilil Akrami, Professor of Tabriz University.

14) International Congress of Languages and literature “Analysis of Repentance Status from the View of Mohye al-Din Ibn Arabi and Abolqasem Ghoshiri”. collaborate with Dr Mirjilil Akrami, Farhangian University

15) International Congress of Languages and Languages and literature  “Analysis  of the Relationships of the 15 Hard Bits of the Divan Khaghani collaborate with Dr. Farshbafian. Farhangian University (2017)

16) International Congress of Languages and Languages and literature  “Analysis of the Relationships of the 15 Hard Bits of the Khaghani’s  Divan “. collaborate to Dr. Farshbafian. Farhangian University (2017)

17) International Congress of Innovation in Engineering and Technology Development “Analysis of the Need for a Deep Tunnel in a Tabriz metro”, collaborate with  engineer Pashmineh Azar, Tabriz University (2017)

18) Public Relations Officer of the Metropolitan Municipality of Tabriz has been a member of the Public Relations Association of Iran since 2012. Head of cultural, social and public affairs since November 2017

19) Teaching Persian and Arabic lessons, Writing and Reporting at Kharazmi University, Tabriz University, Ilkhchi Azad University, Payame Noor University of Tabriz and Applied Science University of Tabriz

20) Mastered in Arabic with three Iraqi, Egyptian, and Arabic dialects and Mastery of Turkish language conversation


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