Dr. Jafar soleimani Rad

Speciality: Histology and Embryology
University: University of Tabriz
Country: Iran
City: Tabriz
Spoken Language: persian
Contact Email: soleimanirj@yahoo.com
Contact Phone: +98 411 3313053
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  •   BSc in Biology from Faculty of Sciences, University of Tabriz, Iran (1972)
  •  MSc and PhD. In Anatomy (Histology & Embryology) from Medical School, University of Ottawa, Canada (1989)

Professional employment

  •  Assistant professor of Histology & Embryology, Faculty of Medical Sciences University of Tabriz – Iran , since 1989.
  •  Associate professor of Histology& Embryology, Faculty of Medicine, Medical Sciences University of Tabriz, Tabriz- Iran, Since 1994.
  •  Professor of Histology and Embryology, Faculty of Medical Science’s University of Tabriz, Tabriz- Iran since 2001.

Experiences: Teaching activates

  • Histology for Medical and dentistry students since 1990
  • Embryology for Medical students since 1990
  • Oral Histology and Embryology for dentistry students since 1990
  • Advanced Histology and Embryology for graduate students
  • Cell Biology for graduate students
  • Histological techniques for graduate students

Research Projects

  1.  Morphometric study of ovulation inducing drugs on human endometrium in early and mid luteal phase. 2001
  2.  The effect of cryopreservation on cellular changes and apoptosis in blastocyst. 2002.
  3.   The effect of cryopreservation on apoptosis and qualitative parameters of human sperm. 2002.
  4.  studying the effect of electromagnetic field on ultrastructure and induction of apoptosis in female reproductive system.2003.
  5.   The effect of electromagnetic field on CNS and Cardiovascular systems 2003.
  6.   Evaluation of in vivo differentiation of inner cell mass of blastocyst after
  7. Transplantation in mice testis following spermatogenesis inhibition. 2004.
  8.   Study of the ultrastructural changes and incidence of apoptosis in rat testis following Busulfan treatment and GnRH analogue. 2004.
  9.   20, about reproduction biology

Thesis supervised

  • 25 MSc Thesis
  • 10 PhD thesis
  • 4 Medical and pharmacology students
  • 3 Veterinary Medicine students

Current Research interest

Reproductive Biology; using light and electron microscopy, apoptosis detection,  IVF, IVM & embryo culture

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