22nd World Congress on Nursing, Pharmacology and Healthcare

Starts On: 13/09/2018
Ends At: 14/09/2018
Country: United Arab Emirates
City: Dubai
Faculty: Health and Medical Sciences
University: University College Dublin
Contact Email: nursingpharmacology@pharmaceuticalconferences.org
Contact Phone: +1 702-508-5200
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About Conference

ME Conferences merrily welcomes you to attend 22nd World Congress on Nursing, Pharmacology and Health Care during September 13-14, 2018, at Dubai, UAE with a theme Advancement in Nursing Pharmacology and Healthcare Management. Conference Series Ltd through its Open Access Initiative is committed to making genuine and reliable contributions to the scientific community. ConferenceSeries Ltd Organizes 1000+ conferences every year across the USA, Europe, and Asia with support from 1000 and more scientific societies and publishes 700+ open access journals with over 100,000 eminent personalities, reputed scientists as editorial board members.

Important Dates:

Abstract Submission Opens February 12, 2018
Registration Opens February 19, 2018
Early Bird Registration March 12, 2018
On Spot Registration September 13, 2018

Scientific Sessions/Tracks

Track 1: Nurse Perspective Of Pharmacology

Pharmacology is the study of drug interactions and the properties of drugs as their biochemical and physiologic effects on the human metabolism. Switching from biological science to a social science of nursing care has resulted in the reduction in pharmacology knowledge. One of the perspectives of nurse role in pharmacology is to provide safe administration of medications. It is an important requirement of the nurses they should know not only how to administrate the medications to the patient but also how to determine whether the intended effects have occurred. This has an impact on nurse prescribing training where pharmacology is a critical component from a patient safety perspective. Without an understanding of drugs and their effects, they can’t able to meet the legal responsibilities of the patients.

  • Track 1-1Importance of education of pharmacology to nurse
  • Track 1-2Nurse knowledge of pharmacology behind drugs
  • Track 1-3Essentials of pharmacology
  • Track 1-4Role of the nurse in pharmacology

Track 2: Medication Errors In Nursing Pharmacology

Medication errors sometimes lead to the serious consequences. Most of the medication errors are occurring due to the failure of conscientious about checking the right drug is given to the patient. The drug reaction is causing unexpected side effects when the patient directed to have two or multiple drugs that react with one another on that case the nurses need to keep in mind what potential drug interactions can occur in order to avoid medication error. To prevent the medication errors the nurse must be familiar with both generic and trade names of the drugs.

  • Track 2-1Legal and ethical consideration
  • Track 2-2Patient focus considerations
  • Track 2-3Principles of Drug administrations

Track 3: Healthcare Management

Healthcare management provides services for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases, disorders, complete mental and physical impairment to patients. It provides directions to organizations to deliver health care services and they support the services provided by the healthcare organizations. This management is fully comprised of social activities for the purpose of accomplishing a predetermined objective through a human. It describes refers to the management of hospitals, hospital networks, and health care systems, at the different levels of organization and planning of clinical activities and support processes. Also referred as medical and health services or health administration, health management ensures that the outcomes are attained, that different areas within a health organization are running appropriately, that jobs are correctly defined and assessed and that resources are used efficiently.

  • Track 3-1Social media in health care
  • Track 3-2Patient privacy
  • Track 3-3Cost cutting focus
  • Track 3-4Drug shortage
  • Track 3-5In service training
  • Track 3-6Insight on the knowledge of healthcare professionals
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