International Conference on Molecular Biology and Medicine

Starts On: 27/08/2018
Ends At: 28/08/2018
Country: United Arab Emirates
City: Dubai
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Contact Phone: 1-702-508-5200 Ext: 8123
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About Conference

ME Conferences welcomes all the speakers, sponsors and other research members from all over the world to the “International Conference on Molecular Biology and Medicine” which is going to be held during August 27-28, 2018 Dubai, UAE.

Molecular Biology and Medicine 2018 provides better leading speakers, researchers, academic scientists and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and ideas about Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. It can also provide a better platform for practitioners, researchers and educators to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of Molecular Medicine, Nuclear Medicine, Gene Therapy, and Cell Signalling. This method are used to study the molecular and biology including structural and functional of biomedicine, molecular enzymology, and molecular immunogy, theoretical bases of biotechnology, physical chemistry of proteins and nucleic acids and analysis of DNA and RNA. The organizing committee is gear up for an informative conference program including plenary lectures, symposia, workshops on a variety of topics, poster presentations and various programs for participants from all over the world.

Target Audience

The gathering talks about the most recent research results and mechanical progressions in the field and unites driving, researchers, explore researchers, understudies alongside clinics and research experts to trade share their perspectives on basic parts of Molecular science and natural chemistry. The occasion is composed in an approach to give a selective stage to new scientists, researchers and teachers to exhibit and talk about the latest advancements, patterns, and down to earth challenges experienced and the arrangements received in the field of Molecular science. Molecular biology 2018 will involve driving session speakers, keynotes speakers, publication moderators will’s identity displaying their exploration on the received in the fields of Molecular Medicine, Nuclear Medicine, Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Gene Therapy, Cell Signalling.

Important Dates:

Abstract submission opens February 26, 2018
Registration opens February 26, 2018
Early bird registration March 12, 2018
On spot registration August 27, 2018

Session & Tracks

International Conference on  Molecular Biology and Medicine

Track 1:Molecular Biology

Molecular biology is the branch of biological science that deals with a molecular basis of biological activity including the interactions between the different types of DNA, RNA and proteins and their biosynthesis, and studies how these interactions are regulated. The field overlaps with other areas of biology and chemistry, particularly genetics and biochemistry. It has many applications such as gene searching, molecular mechanisms of diseases and its therapeutic approaches by cloning, expression and regulation of gene. Research area includes gene expression, epigenetics and structure and function of chromatin, RNA processing, functions of non-coding RNAs, transcription. Recent and advanced researches are going on  Molecular biology, structural mechanism of DNA replication, repair and recombination, Transcription, RNA processing, Post-translational modification, proteomics, Genetic Mutation, Epigenetics, Molecular mechanisms of diseases.

Track 2:Molecular Enzymology

Molecular enzymology is the department of biochemistry that encompasses the useful and basic characteristics of the enzymes at molecular level. Enzymes are globular proteins which play an exceptionally critical part as a catalyst for a biochemical response. Thus, Molecular enzymology encompasses of different application in the pharm and biotechnological strategy and understanding the molecular structure through bioinformatics method. It thinks about making a difference in understanding and creating the enzymes as biomarkers. It also deals with planning and synthesis of chemicals and various enzymes where the neglected restorative needs are based on inventive sedate targets.  Furthermore, this field deals with the potential employments of the enzymes in the industry, for the environment and for human wellbeing are explored.

Track 3:Molecular Toxicology

Molecular toxicology is a department that deals with the factors resulting on the living organisms due to various chemical components. It holds the potential to be a key supporter to the investigative toxicology paradigm. Among those molecular advances with appropriateness for early organize preclinical security appraisal are cDNA library screening, gene expression and cloning and expression investigation advances. Toxicology covering with science, chemistry, pharmacology, and pharmaceutical, that includes the study of the antagonistic impacts of chemical substances on living beings and the practice of diagnosing bipolar disorder and treating exposures to poisons and toxicants.


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