4th National Conference on Distributed Computing and Big Data Processing

Starts On: 16/05/2018
Ends At: 16/05/2018
Country: Iran
City: Tabriz
Faculty: Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Engineering
University: Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University
Contact Email: dcbdp@azaruniv.edu
Contact Phone: +98 4134327548
Conference Website
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4th National Conference on Distributed Computing and Big Data Processing will be held at Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University on 16 May 2018.


Distributed systems and computing

  • Parallel and distributed system architectures and algorithms
  • Distributed operating systems, Languages and Compilers
  • Parallel and distributed software technologies
  • Cloud computing & Grid computing
  • Utility computing & Cluster computing
  • Pervasive computing
  • Bioinformatics and Biocomputing
  • 2 and Internet computing
  • Virtualization and Virtual Machines
  • Green Computing: Energy Efficient HPC Systems
  • Ad-hoc and Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Large Scale Scientific Computing (Biological, Chemical, Physical, Environmental, Agriculture, etc.)
  • Natural Inspired distributed architecture and algorithms
  • Distributed applications ICTs: trade, medicine, industry, the Internet, etc…
  • Multi-agent Systems and Applications
  • Distributed problem solving
  • Distributed artificial intelligence

Big Data Processing

  • Big Data Models and Algorithms
  • Big Data Architectures
  • Big Data Management
  • Big Data Search and Mining
  • Distributed Knowledge Management and Representation
  • Big Data Protection, Integrity and Privacy
  • Security Applications of Big Data
  • Big Data from Social and Complex Networks
  • Big Data for Enterprise, Government and Society
  • Complex & Large-network Analysis
  • Distributed Database: Theory and applications
  • Data mining
  • Machine Learning, Intelligent Information Systems, and Business Intelligence

Social Network Analysis

  • Social network modeling and analysis
  • Community detection, analysis, and evaluation
  • Migration between communities
  • Crime network analysis
  • Anomaly detection in social network
  • Sentiment analysis in social network
  • Link mining in social network
  • Data models for social networks
  • Impact of social network discovery on marketing and business
  • Impact of social networks on recommender systems
  • Large-scale graph algorithms for social network analysis
  • Information diffusion in Social networks
  • Visualization and representation social networks
  • Influence of cultural aspects on the formation of communities in social networks

Distributed Machine vision

  • Distributed Vision, Image Processing
  • Image retrieval on large-scale image databases
  • Information retrieval and Pattern Recognition
  • Gesture recognition, analysis and synthesis
  • Body motion analysis and synthesis
  • Action recognition
  • Facial expression analysis and synthesis
  • Human Factors and Human Machine Interaction
  • Web-scale Image analyzing
  • Face recognition, analysis and synthesis


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