4th International Conference of Technology and Energy Management

Starts On: 30/01/2018
Ends At: 31/01/2018
Country: Iran
City: Tehran
University: Shahid Beheshti University
Contact Email: info@ieanc.org
Contact Phone: +98 21 88847964
Conference Website
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Welcome  Message

In the name of God, We would like to inform you that  4th International Conference of Technology and Energy Management will proudly be held on 30 and 31 January 2018, by Iran Energy Association(IEA). The conference contains seven main approaches.This Conference considers one of the greatest and most important challenges of humankind which is energy and environment. In this regard, researchers, professors, managers, experts, students, and all who are interested in the field of energy are invited to help us organizing the conference to be more productive and efficient by submit the results of their researchers and their achievements in the form of scientifically and applied papers. Furthermore, all companies and activists in the field of energy are invited to inform the foreign, international and domestic specialists about their products and their services by attendance at the side exhibition of the conference. It is hoped ways of optimum using of energy and consumption decrease of it, will be considered as research and executive priorities of the country with paying more attention to the practical and economical methods in the field of energy.

Mohammad Satkin



President of Iran Energy Association and director of the conference
Dr. Mohammad Satkin


About conference

With the aid of god, IEA is going to hold its fourth international conference on 30th and 31st January in Tehran. The conference is on the greatest and the most important challenge of the present century,i.e. energy. We invite all scholars, managers, students, and all who are interested in the field of energetic topics to participate in the conference. We hope that consumption of energy in Iran gets decrease with the concentration on the new scientific and economic methods indigenous knowledge which is the result of datum and experience collection of local folks and societies in successive generations is a valuable body that should be considered for getting to sustainable development.

Subject of the conference

  • Renewable Energy
  • Energy, Safety and Environment
  • Economy of Energy
  • Saving Energy and High Technologies
  • Fossil Energies
  • Planning and Politicizing in the Field of Energy
  • Optimization and Economization of Energy

Important Date

Conference Start date 2018-01-30 08:00:00
Conference deadline date 2018-01-31
Registration deadline 2018-01-29
Abstracts Deadline 2017-12-21
Submission articles 2018-01-20
Articles judging results announced 2018-01-20


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