2nd International Pulmonary Vascular Diseases Congress

Starts On: 13/07/2017
Ends At: 14/07/2017
Country: Iran
City: Tabriz
Contact Email: info@pvdsummit.ir
Contact Phone: +98 41 333 64 901
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About Conference

The subject of pulmonary hypertension has been discussed more seriously in the recent years and with regard to the prevalence of diseases causing this disorder and medics’ involvement in such fields as lung, heart, rheumatology and kidney the necessity of unison among them was felt. Hence, this two-day congress will be held for the first time in Iran by Tuberculosis and Lung Research Center of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences and the collaboration of Iran Lung Association from 12-13 July, 2019.
It is hoped your kind and active attendance in this congress would be a good step towards the scientific progress in this field.


On behalf of the scientific and executive committee of the congress, we are honored to invite you to participate in the “2nd International Pulmonary Vascular Diseases Congress” which is going to be held on 13-14 July, 2017 at Tabriz Pars Hotel located near the historical and beautiful El-Goli Park of Tabriz, East Azerbaijan- Iran.
 This congress which will be held by Tuberculosis and Lung Research Center of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences and with the collaboration of Iran Lung Association is a biennial event focusing on various pulmonology related topics.
In order to promote the scientific status of pulmonary vascular diseases, the congress has considered various main topics including the current subjects in this field. With regard to the extensive subjects of pulmonary vascular diseases and our increasing knowledge in the recent years, the lectures of the congress will include not only the pulmonary hypertension themes, but also other related topics such as pulmonary embolism. Some prominent scholars from the United States, Italy, Germany and Turkey will be delivering their lectures in this great gathering.

Since the start of the preparation of some standard guidelines for pulmonary hypertension in the recent months by Iran’s Lung Association and some professors of lung, heart and rheumatology and the necessity of reviewing the main points of pulmonary hypertension and embolism, two main guidelines which have recently been published by the European Society of Cardiology will be studied by their authors. The subjects to be discussed at the second conference will be as follows:

1 -Primary pulmonary hypertension
2 – A review of recent guidelines on embolism and pulmonary hypertension of European Society of Cardiology
3 – Invasive treatment on acute pulmonary embolism
4 – A review of chronic pulmonary embolism and Thromboendarterectomy and discussing the experiences of domestic centers
5- A review of the problems of pulmonary vascular disease due to congenital heart diseases
6 – Secondary pulmonary hypertension associated with liver, kidney, and lung diseases and the effects on transplant prognosis
7 – Secondary pulmonary hypertension associated with left heart disease
Catheterism workshop and echocardiographic assessment of the right heart will be also held alongside the conference and available to pulmonologists and cardiologists.
Your kind attendance and encouragement can help us make progress in this field.


Pars Hotel 
El-Goli Pars Hotel enjoys an excellent location and the surrounding area is quite relaxing. The trained staff and high-quality services (24 hours a day) make it a great place for stay. The hotel’s green spaces and eye-catching surrounding will make your stay a memorable one.
The hotel has got 17 floors and a revolving restaurant at the top which gives a full view of the surrounding area and El-Goli Park. It has got 20 suites and 160 rooms (1-2-3 bed) and a lounge with optimal space and proper facilities for meetings and scientific congresses. Participants also have the option to reserve the hotel prior to the seminar date.

Tel: +98 41 333 807 82 – 30

Address: El-Goli Pars Hotel, Tabriz, Iran


Kalil Ansarin, MD, FCCP, Farid Rashidi, MD,

Kalil Ansarin, MD, FCCP,

President of the Congress 

Farid Rashidi, MD,

Executive Secretary and Director of Pulmonary Vascular Program 


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