24th ICS Seminar of Analytical Chemistry

Starts On: 30/08/2017
Ends At: 01/09/2017
Country: Iran
City: Tabriz
Faculty: Sciences
University: Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University
Contact Email: Isac24@azaruniv.edu
Contact Phone: +98 413 34391392
Conference Website
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Welcome To KindCongress Seminar Center

With the help of the Almighty God, the Shahid Madani University of Azerbaijan, in cooperation with the Chemical Society of Iran, organized the 24th Seminar on the Chemistry of the Chemical Association of Iran on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays 8, 9 and 10 September 2012 at the Sadra Welfare Association (Tabriz, Blvd. Master Shahriyar, Galkar Street). It is necessary to explain that the opening will be held on Wednesday, August 8, 1396 at 9 am in the Tabriz Petrochemical Complex (Tabriz, Shahriar Master Blvd, next to the city of Azkhalaghagh – next to Sadra Complex).
The purpose of this conference is to create an opportunity again to provide the latest scientific and research achievements in various fields of analytical chemistry and to communicate more widely between scholars, academic institutions and industrial centers, and their engagement and efforts to solve the industrial problems of the vast country of Iran. At this national gathering, prominent lecturers from universities, research institutes and industries will be presented with a variety of specialized posters in various fields of analytical chemistry. Also in the program of this seminar there are presented workshops on the topics of chemistry days of analysis and the provision of specialized exhibitions.
To this end, the secretariat of the seminar will invite all professors, students, researchers, academic experts, research centers and chemical industry to attend this scientific conference.

Dr. Buick Habibi (Scientific Secretary of the Seminar)
Shahid Madani University of Azarbaijan
Dr. Habib Razmi
Shahid Madani University of Azerbaijan
Dr. Hossein Abdolmohammadzadeh
Shahid Madani University of Azerbaijan
Dr. Amir Abbas Matin (Executive Secretary of the Seminar)
Shahid Madani University of Azerbaijan
Dr Abbas Afkhami (secretary of the chemical analysis committee)
Bu-Ali Sina University-Hamadan
Dr. Ali Asghar Ansafi
Isfahan University of Technology
Dr. Habib Bagheri
Sharif University of Technology
Dr. Ismail Shams Solari
University of Esfahan
Dr Ali Mohammad Haji Shabani
Yazd University
Dr. Abdul Rauf Samadi Meybodi
Mazandaran University
Dr. Khalil Farhadi
Urmia University
Dr Tayebeh Madrarkian
Bu-Ali Sina University-Hamadan
Dr. Dawood Nemat Allah
Bu-Ali Sina University-Hamadan

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2 replies
  1. mohammad
    mohammad says:

    It was wonderful seminar, thanks to all, especially Dr. Matin
    Above all it was so nice to be in Tabriz city we will be back to TABRIZ 2018

    • Yashar
      Yashar says:

      i am one of the student in the seminar, as a citizen of Tabriz we welcome all to be in Tabriz as a guest especially in TABRIZ2018


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