Eid Noruz(Noruz Celebration)


Persian new year is celebrated in the spring and begins the moment the earth crossed the vernal equinox and this celebration continues for 13 days known as “Noruz vacation.”This celebration begins on the first day of spring and ends with the thirteenth day called “Sizdah be dar” that is the last day of the Noruz vacation.In Iran and some other countries like Azerbaijan, there is a special Noruz table that is called”Haft Sin”.this table includes seven things begin with the letter “s”, included:

  1. Seke(coin): a sign of financial luckiness
  2. Samanoo(wheat dessert): a sign of flora fertility
  3. Seeb(apple): a sign of beauty and health
  4. Senjed(fruit of lotus tree): a sign of love
  5. Sombol(hyacinth): a sign of nature ‘s beauty
  6. Seer(garlic): a sign of health
  7. Serke(vinegar): a sign of motive power for joyful life

Other items that are placed on the table included:

  • Holly Quran
  • Mirror
  • Red little fishes in a glass jug that is a sign of life

During the Noruz vacation, people go to visit their friends and families in their home so everyone is ready to be a gracious host!
Of course, some people decide to take a trip on this vacation.Finally on the last day of vacation(Sizdah be dar), Iranian have a tradition of spending the day outdoors and enjoy this day besides nature and family.